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Ahoi Ashtami 2017: Celebrate the power of a mother's prayer


Have you ever expert the power of your mother’s prayer? The Hindu competitors Ahoi Ashtami, which falls four days after Karwa Chauth and eight days sooner than Diwali, signifies the power of a mother’s prayer. Like Karwa Chauth, the competitors is further modern in North India. This 12 months, Ahoi Ashtami is extensively recognized on October 12.

Why is Ahoi Ashtami seen?

Traditionally, in historic India, the day was celebrated by mothers who had sons. They seen a day-long fast for the well-being of their sons. Today, the competitors has superior to include daughters as properly. The fast is seen by mothers irrespective of whether or not or not they’ve a son or a daughter. The fast is seen for happiness, effectively being and success of their youngsters i.e. sons along with daughters.

How prolonged is the Ahoi Ashtami fast?

The fast is seen from dawn to dusk. It is broken all through twilight after sighting stars in the sky. Some ladies break the fast after sighting the moon.

What happens on Ahoi Ashtami?

Ahoi Ashtami is commonly generally known as ‘Ahoi Aathe’ as a end result of fasting is completed all through Ashtami Tithi, the eighth day of the month. It is a strict fasting day and most women abstain from even water all by means of the day. Mothers stand up sooner than daybreak, have some refreshments and proceed to the temple to provide prayers for his or her youngsters.

The picture of stars and Ahoi Mata is painted on a wall and a pitcher of water is positioned in entrance of it. Printed calenders, posters and photographs of goddess Ahoi are literally on the market and could be utilized in place of wall painting. Then, the story of Ahoi mata is study out by an aged woman in the household. All totally different ladies sit and take heed to the story. The prayer comprises grains that are positioned in a plate and positioned in the centre of the Ahoi picture. The meals selections embrace puris, halwa and totally different sweets.

The story of Ahoi Ashtami

The story behind the competitors pertains to a woman who had seven sons. During the course of of renovation and painting of her house, she went to the forest to ship soil. This occurred all through the month of Karthik. While digging the soil, the axe unintentionally hit a cub and the cub died. The woman felt accountable for the cub’s loss of life. However, she took the soil and returned to her home. Over the subsequent 12 months, all her seven sons died and he or she felt it was a fallout of what occurred with the cub in the forest. Out of guilt, she confessed her sin to some of her neighbours. The neighbour instructed her that by confessing her sin, she had almost negated the impression of her sin. She moreover steered her to provide prayers to the goddess Ahoi by sketching the face of the cub. So, the woman fasted on Karthik Krishna Ashtami. She lastly acquired once more all her seven sons by the power of her prayer and ever as a result of it turned a ritual to worship the goddess.

Significance of Ahoi Ashtami

The competitors has explicit significance for the Banya-Marwari neighborhood. The vrat katha signifies the significance of this fast. Some chestnuts (singhada) are moreover positioned in the puja. Turmeric tilak is utilized on the forehead of all relations. This is a a lot beloved competitors, significantly in Northern India. The devotion of the mothers offers to the holiness of this competitors. Happy Ahoi Ashtami to all!

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