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Wallowing in superstitions – The Statesman


Superstitions kill animals. This is the third article enumerating what illegal animal elements are being supplied, by so known as Hinduism web sites, to gullible customers in search of magic to change their lives for the upper.

People have reached such a stage of frustration and concern that they are able to spend money to destroy every totally different species, hoping it brings a change in their fortunes. There are additional lies about so-known as “sacred objects” than one other merchandise in the world — shaligrams (ammonite stones) and rudrakshas (seeds of the Elaeocarpus ganitrus tree) for instance — nonetheless I am solely focussing on individuals who comprise animal lives.

I’ve already written about hathjodi, the sexual organ of the monitor lizard and siyar singhi, the imaginary horn on the head of a particular jackal (neither the species nor the bone exist). The largest fraud of all is the nagamani, the magic stone that supposedly comes from the forehead of a cobra. It supposedly could also be amber yellow, honey, darkish inexperienced, delicate inexperienced, pink, white or black (counting on the plastic accessible!).

It purportedly emanates delicate frequently and may be utilized at evening time as another choice to bulb. It could also be seen from miles away like a helmet worn by a miner. (Except on the snake’s forehead the place it doesn’t glow in any respect!)

However, in holding with the web sites, who should have constructed in alibis when the devices they promote for lakhs of rupees don’t work, the “delicate emission is proportionate to the age of the snake, who must be older than 30 years, and the stone from a youthful snake would not possess that lots delicate as that of an earlier snake gem.

Sonagamanis, which are actual from snakes nonetheless aren’t old enough or grown adequate do not emit adequate delicate.” Some emit a pale inexperienced delicate solely at evening time and offered that they have been saved in the photo voltaic by way of the day.

Some emit delicate solely after they’re saved on tree leaves, others when saved on flowers, some solely do it exterior the house and others – when no one is wanting. Some delicate up on amavasya or no moon evening time. If it doesn’t delicate up in any respect, then it is an ichhadhari nagamani, which is even rarer and costlier in that it may delicate up at will! Considering that the lifetime of a King Cobra is about 17-20 years in captivity (and half of that in the wild) and common cobras are even a lot much less, the probabilities of discovering an “electric bulb” in its head are non-existent.

One web site says that an opaque nagamanithat doesn’t emit delicate is usually a nagamani in addition to that it is a second stage one and its precise title is Snakestone.

Some nagamanis are secure like stone. Others are clear. The web sites hasten in order so as to add that the nagamani cannot be acknowledged by a gemology laboratory, solely by individuals who discover themselves specialists in the Vedas (the place it is not talked about in any respect).

There seems to be no settled idea of what a nagamani is — in addition to its worth and what it brings to the client — security from snakes, devils and chronic illnesses. Every web site accuses the other of selling fakes product of plastic or stone.

Some say solely the black ones are precise and all the other colours are fake whereas others say that solely the blacks are fake! Bill ki Jer or Bill ki Naalis the umbilical twine of the cat, which is form of unattainable to get as a result of the cat eats it immediately on giving begin.

The solely method it could be gotten is whenever you tie up a cat whereas it offers begin, subject it to bodily torture and decrease the twine your self. This so known as twine, which is perhaps a human umbilical twine as these are generally thrown away in hospitals, is meant for gamblers, stockbrokers, share patrons and so they need to energise it with an pricey puja. It will then give numerous money and property.

No one is conscious of what the garudmani or Eagle Pearl is. Even the web sites do not make clear which part of the eagle’s physique this very good stone comes from, nonetheless they’re in all chance baked faeces.

Its purchaser, in holding with them, will develop keen eyesight, trying skills, powers of comment, dominance over others and focus. He will soar like a chook and retrieve territory, turning into vastly modern as he swoops down. He will keep rahu, mangal and shukraunder his wings.

All this in one piece of faeces! The related web sites are selling lion enamel, which have been “washed, brushed and cleaned properly”.

Made into amulets they provide power and power — every select, ruler and armed forces officer has solely risen to the best on account of he retains energised enamel in his pants!

The gajamukta/hathimani, or Elephant pearl, is touted to be found in a very unusual species of elephant (there are solely two, the African and Asian). They come from “Airavata elephants” (a species solely acknowledged to Indra the rain god and are a synonym for clouds). The pearl is a boring white piece, which is a mixture of ivory, pearl, bone marrow, calcium, Vitamin D and the secretion of the elephant’s thoughts! And this unlikely mix is supposed to treatment most cancers, arthritis, impotency, childlessness and make one rich. How do the web sites decide it as real?

All water touched by it turns to make the most of. It throbs in your hand. It drinks coconut water. To examine it, sit in the North-east path with the gajamani in your correct hand and shut your eyes for 90 minutes.

If you are a good particular person and your chakras are clear you then’ll actually really feel horrible ache in your coronary coronary heart, spine and head. If you are feeling nothing then you should purchase it since it’s advisable to get your chakras cleaned up! Owl ft are usually found in the market and on web sites.

This terribly useful chook is now threatened on account of it is captured and its ft decrease and dried and supplied as amulets that convey security in opposition to illness and the evil eye. Imagine a desk filled with lizard and jackal sexual organs, chook faeces and ft, predator enamel, bits of elephant bone, pebbles and plastic, seeds and stones.

Do you assume this crackpot assortment will give riches and power or treatment illnesses? Two sadhus met. What are you looking for, requested one. “I am looking for where God is” replied the second, “And you?” “I am looking for where God isn’t.”

God and success lies inside one, not in sticks and stones and the blood, bone and faeces of killed animals.

(To be part of the animal welfare movement, contact [email protected],

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